Kirk Pendergrass: Common Law Due Process

Information learned in these common law lessons apply to not only Federal law but also STATE, & LOCAL law.  Our Constitution is supreme law of our land and all states have a state Constitution based on Supreme Constitution.  If we expect to have justice returned to our Republic of, by, and for We People then we must educate ourselves in our common lawful law and force our courts to comply to our Constitution or shut them down!

Our lawful common law of our land is EASY to understand. BAR ATTORNEY’s use ‘word-craft’ legalese to deceive, INTIMIDATE, and trick us into submission. It’s a perversion of our lawful common language and definitions. 

The usurping infiltrators who converted our lawful common law justice to defacto admiralty/maritime law of the sea are finally being dealt with court by court and case by case!  Educate yourself, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS because they’ve been stripped by TRAITORS to our CONSTITUTION!  There is a difference between lawful and legal, as well as, law and statute. [Video added to ‘Common Law 101’ page]

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