Owen from Infowars Speaks Up in Congress for President Trump


Why didn’t anyone speak up when Owen spoke in defense for President Trump?  We’ve been cowering Under tyrannical rule for so long we no longer have the courage to defend our rights, and many don’t even know what our rights are because they’re no longer taught  in the communist institutions referred to as public education.  If we’ll not stand to defend our freedom and liberties then we deserve neither and you might as well go, bow down, and turn in your arms.  We have an opportunity at this point in time like no other.  President Trump gave power back to us and that IS why they’re ‘hell bent’ to remove him.  He is standing for us but WHERE ARE WE STANDING FOR HIM?  Attending his rallies is not enough, our domestic enemies see those rallies and know if they don’t remove him they’ll lose their power and wealth.  Who do YOU SERVE … even if you don’t like President Trump…this isn’t about him but about the future of America!  We were given a Republic and democracy is destroying as it always does and why founders created a Republic of, by, and for WE the PEOPLE. Listen to the video of Own speaking s he’s being escorted out and he did go to jail because he dared to speak TRUTH.

Owen at impeachment hearing 9Dec2019

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