Philip Haney The Faithful Steward

NOTE: I strongly suggest when a video is posted you listen as soon as possible because more and more videos are being removed, such as, the video I posted a few days ago (see below) about a return to the people’s Grand Juries.

Phil Haney didn’t kill himself just as Epstein didn’t kill himself. We’re in a war and have been since communist infiltrators killed JFK.  LBJ immediately thereafter lifted the ban on Muslims (Islam) because communist domestic enemies partnered with Islamists to use their ideology as a ‘trojan religion’ to usurp rights not belonging to them exclusively. There is a great deal of information in this video that covers multiple crimes against the people.

Note: Many people are unable to separate the deep state and shadow government that has been in control since 60’s from President Trump.  When you hear them make references to POTUS please understand they do not know the depth, width, and height of the Langley Swamp, not only across our country but globally.  They expect President Trump in one swoop to magically fix it all, this is not reasonable or sensible but based on ignorance of the ramifications of such a request. The tentacles of this corrupt Langely swamp must be systemically removed to keep our Republic in place or else all of this country will totally collapse and this IS their plan, but patriots are not going to let it happen!

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