Michigan House Committee – Election Fraud Witnesses & Rudy Giuliani

This was the most disgusting presentation of our legislatures and how they treated Michiganders! Detroit Rep. Cynthia A Johnson was arrogant, disruptive, intimidating speakers, and had no substantive questions, but instead demeaned and smeared. Others were also confrontational but not as much as she was. Rep. Darrin Camilleri made an outrageous defamatory rhetorical question at end of long question meant to smear Rudy Giuliani.  These two democrats are an embarrassment to their party as most do and do a great disservice to their constituents.  Rep. Camilleri should be sued! 

Here is a shortened link starting at minute mark when Rep Camilleri began talking & Rep Cynthia Johnson follows him: CIRCUS FINALITY


HOUSE CHAIRMAN MATT HALL’S CLOSING STATEMENT below my note: This final statement clearly shows these Michiganders were being patronized. Matt continuously used the word ‘story’ over and over when referring to the witnesses and Rudy Giuiliani, which suggests fiction and unimportant, but when he refers to clerks ‘testimony’ which suggests importance and truth. Word-craft political correctness is used to manipulate thought and opinion, in plain words, mind-control for behavior modification.  Another word used is ‘bullying’ instead of the more serious criminal action as threatening the two delegates who refused to certify fraud until they were threatened, smeared, berated, et al, then they relented under agreement an audit would be done, it was not.  I watched all but the first couple of hours of the hearing but will be going back to catch them.  This is absolutely disgusting what was on display by REPRESENTATIVES for WE the PEOPLE, it is clear they serve a higher paymaster than We the People.  It is our responsibility to clean our own tentacle of the sewer-fed swamp polluting our great state and country. Michigan has had corrupt rigged elections for decades! Most elections there isn’t even an opposing candidate for a choice, incumbent wins by default.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is what’s been taking place in FOUR COUNTIES exponentially 

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