Michigan AG to Parents: Michigan Will Sexually Assault Your Children’s Innocent Minds

My Note: Rick is extremely emotional about this and I agree with him.  I’ve watched the degradation of our society since the inception of Roe v. Wade and the complete disdain for the sanctity of life.  The filth in music, movies, & even TV sitcoms is outrageous in what it is doing to our children’s minds.  I turned TV completely off when I could no longer selectively watch due to the Halloween vile series then Friday the 13th.  No plot, just unadulterated killing.  Then the sex grooming of children in the schools.  Dressing little girls up to look like hookers thinking how cute… NO!   We’ve robbed our children of their innocence and now we’re allowing their minds to be completely twisted in ina abominations by reprobates who lust after little children.  When is enough enough America?   Almighty God hears the cries of the little children and the babies being ripped from limb to limb from their wombs… he will not continue to look away…. the foul stench of America is foul to his nostrils, and IF WE DON’T REPENT AND FIX THIS, HE MOST CERTAINLY WILL!   WE the PEOPLE MUST TAKE BACK OUR SCHOOLS TODAY not tomorrow, but TODAY!

]Today on TruNews, how far must the United States of America sink into moral perversion before the remaining righteous men and women become outraged enough to do something about it? Maybe we should ask this question: Is there anything these days that would morally disgust righteous men and women? What has prompted these questions today? Rick Wiles talks about the immorality of America.

Rick Wiles. Doc Burkhart. Airdate 6/15/22

TruNews July 4 Special – USS Liberty Sneak Preview

This is a must watch!  It’s extremely disturbing the lies and cover-ups that have taken place in America since the murder of JFK.  If our country is to survive we MUST UNWIND all the lies, cover-ups and bring forth the TRUTH of who murdered JFK and who ATTACKED our unarmed USS LIBERTY flying our USA FLAG.  This is a sneak preview of a documentary to expose the lies and show the valor of all aboard the USS Liberty and how the survivors were treated.

This is a sneak preview of the full documentary. It tells who the real enemy is both foreign and DOMESTIC.  We have several factions of enemies in this country trying to destroy our Constitutional Republic and if the people do not educate themselves to TRUTH our progeny will not have the same freedom most of us elders experienced growing up because our enemies are rapidly closing the gates around us as they’ve thrown open our border to be invaded.  If this video is pulled by youtube go to www.trunews.com to watch and share. 


TechnoNazi Tyranny: Social Media Giants Classify Christianity as Pornography

LINK to watch this on trunews.com in the event youtube takes it down due to content. TruNews is speaking TRUTH that no other media will discuss but is long over-due to bring to the people.  Natural News the Health Ranger, Mike Adams was de-platformed on FB. He had over 3 MILLION followers and spoke truth about that cancer can be HEALED and about the TOXINS/POISONS found in our food, water, air, vaccines and medicines.  There is other extremely IMPORTANT information Rick shares and that information could get this video removed from youtube.  If this video shows blank then go to the above link to watch this very important information.


‘PizzaGate’ Code for CHILD MOLESTERS

PARENTS, PATRIOTS, CHRISTIANS AND ANYONE THAT BELIEVES CHILDREN SHOULD BE PROTECTED.  This is TRUTH that can no longer be ignored.  IT MUST BE DEALT WITH by WE the PEOPLE because GOVERNMENT is full of child molesters or those that profit from it. #ProtectChildren #SanctityofLife #SlavesNoMore

Link to show on TruNews.com in case youtube takes this down

“If MY people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
‭‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭7:14‬ ‭KJV‬‬


Six Day War Massacre: USS Liberty Attacked June 8, 1967

This is the continuation of yesterday’s special on TruNews.com about the massacre of the USS Liberty by ISRAEL and the cover-up.  First video is below.  If these videos are pulled by youtube please go to the TruNews WEBSITE to view.  This information should enrage every American over what has happened to our country since the end of WWII, 1913, Civil War.  Common denominator for all is the private foreign int’l bankers.


If this video is pulled by youtube go to TruNews.com and it can be watched on their website. This was aired today May 27, 2019.

Every American needs to hear this TREASON committed by Lyndon Johnson & his cabinet. It is time for truth to be told of what has happened in this country since domestic and foreign enemies killed JFK, then RFK, followed by MLK and many others. World War II did not end it went underground in our country. Listen to this history told by survivors of the USS Liberty.  This is part one, part two will be aired tomorrow with 3 more survivors.  

There were 38 of our best most trusted spies on the USS Liberty. All were killed. If this information doesn’t enrage you check your pulse because if you love your countrymen and women this should completely change your opinion about our ‘closest friend’.  I was outraged even though I’ve known since they killed JFK how rogue and treasonous our government has been but Israel’s involvement and control is knew, but not surprising.


Mining for Madness: Is America ready for War with China & Iran?

Below is screenshot (click to enlarge) from article Rick reads during this news report yesterday May 20, 2019 LINK to read entire article





LINK to watch at TRUNEWS.COM in event video is removed by youtube.  All trunews shows can be watched at their website.