Returning to Original Jurisdiction

 “Return to Orginal Jurisdiction” is long (3:23:51), but well worth the time.  it goes into great detail about restoring our Republic of the People, by the People, for the People, and it’s grass roots America that must seat what was vacated after the Civil War.  We failed to keep our Republic so now we must educate ourselves to properly reclaim our De jure General Jural Assemblies.  The video explains what happened and what we MUST do to restore our REPUBLIC, which was not formed as a democracy or a party system!

De jure is the Latin expression for “by law” or “by right” and is used to describe a practice that exists by right or according to law. In contemporary use, the phrase almost always means “as a matter of law.”

De facto:
1. in fact; in reality: Although his title was prime minister, he was de facto president of the country.They are forbidden from leaving the camp, thereby being 2. de facto in a state of detention. actually existing, especially when without lawful authority (distinguished from de jure)
I tried to embed the Rumble video as I have many others, but for some reason, this time it would not format properly to leave it embedded and had to remove.  Not sure if it is Rumble, WordPress, or OTHER.

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