James R, Dir. Mike & Ladies of Liberty

Excellent discussion with important information, but if you’re offended by vulgar language you’ll not want to listen because the f-bomb is used frequently and other slang words, but the information IMO is worth the listen.  They discuss VA, Constitution, & other issues of interest in direct layman’s language.  The language is their passion for what has happened and continues to happen throughout our country. Starts off with music then they discuss social platforms a bit before they get into the meat of the show.


Do You Know About ‘The Act of 1871’?

So many Americans know something is wrong because the corruption in DC just keeps getting worse and worse and the SAME PEOPLE just seem to rotate around to different positions putting different hats on but pushing their same global agenda no matter which ‘party’ is seemingly in ‘power’.  This is an excellent education of what happened in 1871 after the Civil War supposedly ended, which it didn’t because peace was never declared, so we’ve been under martial law since that time when Lincoln enacted it due to the war.

This video explains much but not all. The first speaker is Tim Turner, who was voted president of the restored Republic by ppl that joined the restored Republic because they knew the defacto DC gang were board members representing US, INC.  

Nobody living today knows what freedom and liberty truly are, nor does anyone who owns land, truly own it, we’re tenants!  

Tax burden, regulations, statutes, codes, policy, rules, fines, citations, licenses, certificates, and laws dictate our lives by lawfare & why our original 13th Amendment forbade Attorney’s of the BAR to hold public office; foreign and domestic traitors replaced 13th Amendment after the Civil War to deceive people into believing the war was to free the black slaves, it was not, it enslaved ALL AMERICANS, via US CITIZENSHIP!  This covers the Paris Peace Treaty et al information too.

Benedict Leads Holy See Francis Leads Vatican – Part 1

Part 1: Sarah Westall interviews Anna Von Reitz 

Anna von Reitz rejoins the program to discuss how the United States Is not structured the way we have been told by our educators our entire lives. She explains how the country is set up as a private corporation with contracts directly with the Holy See and is financially and militarily controlled by the Vatican and the Queen. To most of us this seems absurd. But after further digging, you will see that this information does have legitimate documents and facts that points to something very strange and serious about our country, who controls us, and what that means to our freedom and future. Further we learn that the Vatican and the Holy See are separate entities with evidence indicating these two entities have different leaders. [ The Vatican did not exist prior to 1929 which explains much]

Kirk Pendergast: Operation – Smartacus

Excellent lawful de jure information and information about the defacto  that I’m sure you probably have now heard or known. Many will be livid when it is heard, or should be, and hopefully you will instantly recognize of which I am speaking.  It is early in the broadcast and before the guest.


Owen from Infowars Speaks Up in Congress for President Trump


Why didn’t anyone speak up when Owen spoke in defense for President Trump?  We’ve been cowering Under tyrannical rule for so long we no longer have the courage to defend our rights, and many don’t even know what our rights are because they’re no longer taught  in the communist institutions referred to as public education.  If we’ll not stand to defend our freedom and liberties then we deserve neither and you might as well go, bow down, and turn in your arms.  We have an opportunity at this point in time like no other.  President Trump gave power back to us and that IS why they’re ‘hell bent’ to remove him.  He is standing for us but WHERE ARE WE STANDING FOR HIM?  Attending his rallies is not enough, our domestic enemies see those rallies and know if they don’t remove him they’ll lose their power and wealth.  Who do YOU SERVE … even if you don’t like President Trump…this isn’t about him but about the future of America!  We were given a Republic and democracy is destroying as it always does and why founders created a Republic of, by, and for WE the PEOPLE. Listen to the video of Own speaking s he’s being escorted out and he did go to jail because he dared to speak TRUTH.

Owen at impeachment hearing 9Dec2019