MI SOS: Judge Blocks Ban on Open Carry While Voting

Secretary of State and Attorney General attempted by edict to implement a ‘prohibition’ on open-carry within 100′ of entrance to polling places or inside. 

There is nothing in the law to enforce this color of law prohibition.  Police have said they cannot follow this prohibition due to it not being law. They’re trying to strip our Second Amendment by a thousand cuts.  Thank you JESUS for this judge and the police that acknowledge our right cannot be mandated away!

If there are agitators it will come from outsiders or FBI informants just the group that supposedly plotted to kidnap Whitmer.  They were not people’s militia, nor President Trump’s supporters.  

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Sheriff Richard Mack on Bottom Up Sheriffs & Pastors Leading Public

Against Unconstitutional Powers

This is a must listen!  I’ve been following Sheriff Mack for over 20 years and his educating of the public and elected sheriffs is finally growing to a force to be reckoned with.  Constitutional Sheriffs ARE the people’s first line of defense from a tyrannical bureaucratic machine. Elected sheriffs answer only to the PEOPLE not governors, mayors, police, or federal agencies.  They are the ‘CLEOS'(Chief Law Enforcement Officers) over all other law enforcement in their county.

Know your sheriff and who they serve, hold them to their oath of office to defend and protect! if they’re not willing to do this REPLACE them with someone who will.  Your elected sheriff and deputize as many deputies as needed to be sure their county is protected. Some might call these deputies our second amendment militia. 

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MI Gun Rights & Sanctuary Counties- Monroe County Update

The first action for Michigan is to get the Constitution-Free-Zone, which is a 100 mile coastal border around USA and makes ALL of Michigan Constitution Free REMOVED.  Our own STATE CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES ALLOWED THIS!

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Michiganders, WE must make this DHS ruling NULL & VOID & ENFORCE our CONSTITUTION AS WRITTEN.  Statutes are NOT laws.  We must go to the root instead of treating a ‘symptom’.

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