12 Ballot Proposals Being Developed For Michigan

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March 9, 2018

by Farm News Media

None of the proposals listed here have gone through all of the steps to gain ballot access.
Twelve potential ballot initiatives could be on the Nov. 6 Michigan election ballot, according to Matt Kapp, elections specialist with Michigan Farm Bureau.

For a proposal to make the ballot, he said, several steps need to be met, including: board of canvassers approving the petition form, signature collection, verification that the required number of valid signatures have been collected, surviving any legal challenges, etc.

None of the proposals listed here have gone through all of the steps to gain ballot access.MFB has not yet taken a position on these ballot issues; although based on current Farm Bureau policy, our likely position should be obvious, Kapp said.

The potential ballot initiatives are: Continue reading

Law Enforcement vs. Inner City

Law Enforcement vs. Inner City or perhaps Roman Guard vs. the Gladiator Slave

Do you realize that both parties on both sides are right about each other?  We’ve lost our ability to reason with one another to find solutions to bring orderly peace on our streets.
The police officers on a daily basis have to deal with some of the ‘most forgotten of our society’ that are living in communities that bring such terror they do not know from day to day if they will survive another.  There is such a sense of hopelessness that all that matters is ‘survival’.

The rest of the world stands back to watch and pick their chosen team to cheer them on.
Like the gladiator rings of old we sit in front of our TV and watch the violence on all the media channels and again decide who we’ll support and the Roman ‘elite’ cheer on the violence with glee at the anticipation of the soon to be spilled blood.
Meanwhile those that have to fight in these inner city rings of death do so to survive or they lay down their life to their opponent.  Hatred and fear is spawned among those people that are marked as slaves to serve the purpose of the Roman Elite.

The inner cities have become the gladiator rings for violence and it is the strongest and most vicious that will survive in these inner cities.   Kill or be killed… Families watch their young children being gunned down in horror …the shedding of blood of the innocence.
Why don’t they leave… Many do make it out but why didn’t the gladiators of old make it out?  Why did they stay and fight? Continue reading