Bill Binney, Roger Stone: Speak UP: Defend Republic & POTUS45

This is long but so much information is given with solutions for We the People and what we can do.  If we’re to restore our Constitutional Republic of, by, and for We the People we MUST participate because WE are suppose to be self-governing.  We cannot expect Political Criminals to DRAIN THEMSELVES.  We must Self-Educate to Truth and start speaking up, run for local office, school boards etc.  WE must get these global communists who have infiltrated every institution in this country and especially our local communities OUT.  

NSA Goal Is ‘Total Population Control’

This is a must listen! its less than 16 mins and the information Bill Binney provides in that time is totally disgusting!  Congress allowed the Patriot Act and NDAA that completely strips our Bill of Rights.  There is no mystery to what we’re seeing today once you listen to this information if you did not already know it.  This interview with Pat Robertson took place in 2014.