Rogue News: Juan O’Savin: The Hammer Falls, Here Comes The Pain!!

President Trump did win with a landslide but the communist democrats are doing all they can to steal it from We the People and our re-elected POTUS Donald J. Trump.  Extreme measures may need to be taken to stop the totally corrupt unelected permanent bureaucracy that has been built by domestic enemies since they murdered JFK. Stand strong, stand firm, do not backdown, do not surrender, and do not comply, we will win!

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President Trump Campaign Legal Team Press Conference

EXPLOSIVE!!  You will not hear this information on mainstream media.  Even though there is numerous affidavits attesting to fraud, and physical evidence on servers obtained from Germany, as well as other evident, the media and democrats are still denying their is voter fraud, why?  Because they’re the perpetrators of this fraud.  Michigan, mainly Wayne County (Detroit) is strongly mentioned in this press conference.  Two electors who rescinded their certification only gave it due to threats and persecution.  I heard the video but have not been able to obtain a copy to post, but if and when I do, I will post it.

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The President Needs To Hear This Panel

Highlights from election 2020 TownHall

Harley Schlanger, Kirk Weeby, Barb, Hulga, and two others. LaRouchePAC 

Important information the American people are not being told by mainstream media.  There is a huge push by mainstream, including social platforms, to push the fraud saying Biden won the election, what they do not disclose to people is that win was all by fraud. Biden did NOT win, it was STOLEN for him.  This panel of high level intelligent inside professionals lay-out what has happened and the plan moving forward.  Understand this, ‘President Trump won by a landslide’ and this is why their fraud is exposed because they can only steal elections that are close in numbers.  Dems stopped counting because President Trump was ahead by millions, so they had to ‘harvest’ more ballots, and why hundreds of thousands of ballot only had Biden selected, no other candidates on the ballot were marked.  Listen and become informed on truth, not fraud and lies being spewed on by mainstream and all ‘programming.’  This panel also discusses Great Britain’s control and involvement.

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Sidney Powell: We’ve identified 450,000 ballots

That Miraculously ONLY have a vote for Joe Biden

That means there were no other selections on the ballot, only Joe Biden was selected, don’t you think that rather odd?   Sidney Powell is General Flynn’s personal attorney, who produced evidence proving his innocence so DOJ dropped charges against him, but corrupt Judge Sullivan will not accept.  She is extremely credible and honest.

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President Trump Campaign Holds Press Conference



Witness testimony to fraud.  Rudy Giuliani gives an update on findings. Not in this video but it’s been disclosed from agents that postal workers have been arrested and they have thousands of people coming forward with evidence video or eye witness to the corruption in multiple states.  This is a wonderful time for our country because most people know how corrupt our election system has been, especially in ‘four’ counties in Michigan. This is a new day dawning of truth and transparency for our Republic if we stand strong with President Trump.  Only WE the PEOPLE can address this in our states.  The state legislature determines the outcome so pressure needs to be put on them to do what’s RIGHT.  This isn’t about who wins but that elections are fair and without fraud, but we know if all the fraud is removed President Trump won with a landslide as he was on his way to do at poll closing, until the fraud began because they had so much to make up to beat him.

Our Constitution states our election is one day and all ballots must be end by close of polls to be counted.  That day is 1st Tuesday after 1st Monday of November.  Constituton is supreme law and this is what we must demand our legislature enforces.  Any ballot counted on 11/04 is invalid, and that is another reason why USPS was postdating ballots.  Stand firm and do NOT believe the propaganda MSM now proclaiming Biden won.  This election cannot be declared until the litigation, investigations, canvassing, and recounts are finished. What they are trying to do is program the masses so they can remove President Trump by force and WE cannot allow that to happen.  Turn off mainstream because it is lying to you!.


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