CPAC 2021: President Donald J. Trump

President Trump WON NOV 3, 2020 by a landslide. No judge has even looked at the evidence, but dismissed the case out of their court so they didn’t have to see the massive evidence because if they did they’d have no choice but to do what was right, without seeing it, they had ‘plausible deniability’.  Courts used un-constitutional un-legislated ‘law-fare’ to deny the election theft of our National Presidential Election that gives We the People our VOICE of self-governance. The courts all the way up to, and including the supreme court, weaponized their judicial power against We the People.

The establishment, and many ‘patriots’ have already moved unto 2024 accepting and allowing the 2020 fraud to stand without even an investigation to disprove it happened, just a complete off-the-cuff ‘dismissal’.  We the People are the REPUBLIC and if we’re to keep it we cannot allow the theft to continue. If you do NOT believe their was theft then do your own research, start here: Mike Lindell’s documentary link: ‘Absolute Proof‘.


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CPAC 2021: Governor Kristi Noem- South Dakota

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem upheld the Constitution and respected the rights of the people of South Dakota by educating them about covid, then trusting them to do what was best for them and their families, a true ‘stateswoman’. We need people to represent We the People who will honor their oath of office to defend and protect our Constitution as written, and do what is in the best interest for We the People, which does not include ‘dictating’ how we should manage our own lives!

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