Information YOU NEED to KNOW About the VIRUS

Please listen to this truth about the coronavirus/COVID19.  Truth must be told to our population if we’re to survive as a people with our REPUBLIC of, by, and for We the People and our FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and restoration of JUSTICE.  

NOTE:  My thought, (not in video below)The faux science cult is using their ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) god to generate their ASSUMPTION model on a computer to create a trajectory of what COULD happen.  Computer software generating models are only as good as the data entered, and anyone that knows anything about computer software it can be manipulated for a desired outcome. 


The Plan to Save The World

The Plan was put in place shortly after infiltrators murdered JFK long before ‘Q’ arrived, but Q does play a role to get the masses ‘thinking’. 

Critical thinking and problem solving was removed from our communist infiltrated higher education, which also, trickled down to lower education until all thought was replaced with ‘instruction’ & memorization of their mandates, i.e. political correctness, diversity etc.  This is well worth the listen and I do believe you will recognize much if not all that is said, especially if you’re older than 40.  


A Call For America to Repent – Our Nineveh!

This IS a must listen.  Every American needs to hear this message and make a decision for our country if we’re to remain ‘One Nation Under God’ and survive as a Republic of, by, and for the people, or be destroyed.  The shutting down of our country is by design, as is this virus, by domestic enemies that have been operating in our country in all institutions and agencies since they killed JFK.  They’ve controlled SCOTUS, CONGRESS, PRESIDENT (until DJT) completely since 1978 when Congress & Carter created the Senior Executive Service (SES) and turned it ALL over to them.  UN Charter has been their Directive not our Constitution. If you follow the timeline of events in our country you’ll know what happened. Gates of Hell were thrown open at Roe v Wade and people do not know what followed was the opening of Satanic Churches in CA, early 80’s.  Read II Chronicles 7:14 ‘If MY People’ it is God’s people who need to repent for the healing of our land, not all the people, but God’s people, who do you serve?

Philip Haney to John B. Wells: “I’m NOT Suicidal”

Another true American Patriot honoring his oath to our Constitution, & struck down for daring to speak truth.  Its been reported he wore a thumb drive around his neck.  My question is was it a dead man’s switch for whoever would attempt to access it?  Phil Haney was too smart of a man to keep the real information on his person, and if he did, you can bet others had the information too.  RIP Phil, justice is coming for you, Seth Rich and all the good, decent men and women who laid down there life for our Republic trying to expose the decades old treason!

Sidney Powell: How To Fix Justice – Hillsdale College

Every American really should listen to the speech from Sidney Powell, Gen Flynn’s lawyer.  She is addressing Hillsdale College March 11, 2020 and she holds nothing back!  Only exception I have is she states the corruption goes back about 20 years but actually this goes back to the killing of JFK, before as well, but aggressively since 60’s and hyper-aggressive since 9/11 ‘inside job’.


Philip Haney The Faithful Steward

NOTE: I strongly suggest when a video is posted you listen as soon as possible because more and more videos are being removed, such as, the video I posted a few days ago (see below) about a return to the people’s Grand Juries.

Phil Haney didn’t kill himself just as Epstein didn’t kill himself. We’re in a war and have been since communist infiltrators killed JFK.  LBJ immediately thereafter lifted the ban on Muslims (Islam) because communist domestic enemies partnered with Islamists to use their ideology as a ‘trojan religion’ to usurp rights not belonging to them exclusively. There is a great deal of information in this video that covers multiple crimes against the people.

Note: Many people are unable to separate the deep state and shadow government that has been in control since 60’s from President Trump.  When you hear them make references to POTUS please understand they do not know the depth, width, and height of the Langley Swamp, not only across our country but globally.  They expect President Trump in one swoop to magically fix it all, this is not reasonable or sensible but based on ignorance of the ramifications of such a request. The tentacles of this corrupt Langely swamp must be systemically removed to keep our Republic in place or else all of this country will totally collapse and this IS their plan, but patriots are not going to let it happen!