James R & Dir.Mike 4/13/2020 Hotseat!

This is a MUST LISTEN!  James R gives commentary on some of the Corona Virus Task Force press conference yesterday, but hang on to your seat because when that is finished Director Mike gives important intel.  The video might stop with this message ‘something happened’ but all I had to do was start again and it continued from ‘error stop’. Colorful language as usual but for some people that is the best way for them to express importance of message 🙂

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Hot Seat! with James R and Director Mike – Border Update

Rural areas are also going to be cleaned of drug cartels. Information you won’t hear from MSM CIA propaganda media.  This is not the full show just the last part covering 4/1/20 Press Conference and military border information. 

NOTE: Many do not understand the domestic wars declared ‘against’ We, the People by domestic enemies who infiltrated this country after mock end of WWII.  It didn’t end, it went underground in our country raising its head when they killed JFK.  the wars ‘on’ drugs, poverty, cancer, & terrorism have been wars ‘of’ against our Republic of, by, and for We, the People, unbeknownst to us because we trusted those telling us they were working for us to ‘protect’ us.  Praise God for sending President Donald Trump because he IS ending these wars against us by the DEEP STATE SHADOW GOV serving the CROWN not our interests.  That’s why after decades of these domestic wars poverty, drugs, cancer, & terrorism progressively got worse.

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