Top Doctor: Dr Shiva: Exposes Everything CV19

The only was we the people can free ourselves is to first ‘free our mind’ of the psyop that has been thrust upon us over the decades by CIA MSM & false science.  Listen to Dr Shiva’s message, it speaks truth, and also hear what he is saying about ‘health’. Health doesn’t come from prescriptions or vaccines, never did, never will. Self-educate, do your own research, the world is at your finger tips! Seek truth and settle for nothing less than truth.  We must return to common sense, logic, truth, wisdom, principles, values, and morality, my words not Dr. Shiva’s.

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Dr. Shiva: This Event Was A Coordinated Last Ditch Effort…

Please listen to Dr. Shiva because he explains very well what this global COVID-19 is really about, and it is NOT about your health! If you’re seeking truth I strongly suggest you listen to Dr. Shiva, he is an honest brilliant man of integrity!

…By The [DS], Moves & Countermoves: Dr. Shiva

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