Prop 1. Dismissing Marijuana Misunderstandings

Reverend Steve,

Do you guys have something going on about this Marijuana law that
the people just voted in a number of townships and city’s are passing
ordnances to opt out of the program??

Most of the people on the street don’t understand what took place.

It looks to me that the state legislator just pushed every thing off on
the local governments.

What I have looked at is things should be revamped at the state level .

This has been going on for a long time; legislators
pushing their duties off on local governments instead of doing their
own Job !!

Yes Newberg Twp has opted-out. Newberg is the twp where Rainbow Farm (info) was.

Xxxxx Xxxxx [name removed for privacy]

Hi Xxxxx,
Maybe the following will help others to better understand what is going on, but I strongly recommend that folks read the language for themselves. If Newberg Twp. residents aren’t happy about this, then it is up to them to do something about it, which is the way that it should be!

Dismissing marijuana misunderstandings

Re: The Nov. 14 guest opinion piece, “Marijuana battle is not over”: Some clarification is needed. Continue reading

The Bomb” (Documentary) Nuclear weapons – BBC 2017

The below ytube tells  of things that went on during WW2  That you didn’t learn in your history books in school

One thing is the beginning of Nuclear Power and Destruction. This   should have never  been let go until they found a safe and secure way to take care of the  Nuclear waste even to this day!!

2 This is where the zoning and nusiance Laws originated.
We also have Quasi governmental Association’s  ( Michigan  Township Associations ) that came into Michigan around the same time. And have been hard at work stealing our FREEDOMS Ever since.

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