Philip Haney to John B. Wells: “I’m NOT Suicidal”

Another true American Patriot honoring his oath to our Constitution, & struck down for daring to speak truth.  Its been reported he wore a thumb drive around his neck.  My question is was it a dead man’s switch for whoever would attempt to access it?  Phil Haney was too smart of a man to keep the real information on his person, and if he did, you can bet others had the information too.  RIP Phil, justice is coming for you, Seth Rich and all the good, decent men and women who laid down there life for our Republic trying to expose the decades old treason!

Sharia For Women: A Sharia Female Survivor Tells Her Story

MICHIGAN LISTEN UP!  This is a powerful testimony from an Iranian woman that needed her ‘Grandmother’ to help her escape the persecution & possible death by a husband she was sold to by her father for $50 USD & a months worth of OPIUM for personal use. She was declared a ‘woman’ at age 9! She also addresses Sharia in America.  We must DEMAND the ENFORCEMENT of our CONSTITUTION which is the SUPREME LAW of our Land and gives EQUAL PROTECTION to ALL PEOPLE even those trapped in the POLITICAL SYSTEM of conquest called ISLAM acting as a ‘RELIGIOUS TROJAN HORSE’ to use our First Amendment against We the PEOPLE to replace it with SHARIA LAW 

Jihad in Congress – Larry Klayman and Laura Loomer

Michigan you need to hear this … all Americans across this country that love America and support our CONSTITUTION need to hear this.  Above is a map of the Constitution Free coastal border around our country and a Islamic map that is outdated and has grown since it was made because MN isn’t shown on it.  Use these two maps for reference as Laura is explains Jihad.  Please note that Michigan is completely a Constitution Free Zone and Dearborn has one of the largest Muslim populations in our country and Detroit is increasing which leaves our state wide-open for SHARIA LAW with nothing to stop it if we don’t DEMAND our Constitution be restored and enforced!


Active Federal Law Enforcement Officer Speaks Out – Hagmann Report 15Jan2019

This Marine guest is alot younger than me, but alot that he says is true and the tradition expected of you as a Marine, but there’s alot of God-fearing warriors for Christ in the Corps as well. I also have 2 tours of combat as a Marine many years before Iraq and war takes a toll on the hardest of men. Our gov’t lied to us, which is why the ptsd suicides are sohigh. These vets can’t handle the guilt of the lies once realized. That’s why the Muslims hate us. we killed them based on lies. then this same gov’t of ours brings them here. we’re killing the wrong people. [I’ve stated this numerous times that PT SD is a result of what our GOVT has done to our troops but I also believe the suicides might be ‘arkincide’ type events to reduce patriots directly or via ‘microchip’ control]
I’m a Marine I can’t understand how not only are the churches silent but what about the vets wear are all the veterans not a peep out of our veteran
The punks and skanks of the U. S. Only care about smokin dope drinking alcohol and getting some p#ssy and d#ck ! They are little snot nose toddlers that dont care about anything but their self ! The U. S. Is in serious trouble folks the United States has been taken over by the muslims russians chinese and the nut job deep state and the corrupt politicians and we have very few real men in the United States that will do anything to save the United States !

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John B. Wells – Most Controversial Christian Activist

I’m sharing this information because we have the largest population of Muslims in our country, although, MN might be catching up or surpassing our number.  This information is to understand how this ‘political’ ideology cloaked behind religion is changing our culture.  It’s imperative we understand it so we can better stand against it with truth.

Note from John B. Wells video: From Activist to Film Maker – Randall Terry is with us tonight. Mr. Terry is known worldwide as one of the most controversial Christian leaders and activists alive. The Founder of Operation Rescue and pro-life leader, Mr. Terry has been arrested nearly fifty times for peaceful pro-life activism, and spent over one year of his life in various jails and prisons. He is author of seven books with over 300,000 copies in print and host of the daily TV show “Voice of Resistance.” He has a Masters Degree in Diplomacy, with a Concentration in International Terrorism from Norwich University – one of the oldest military schools in America. Mr. Terry has used his Masters Degree research on Islam and Muhammad, and his media

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President Trump Alerted Eight World Leaders

Dr. Dave Janda from the Republic of Ann Arbor, Michigan and is very well connected has this report that eight world leaders from around the world we’re going to be assassainted  simutaeously. President Trump was given this information and acted immediately when he received the information Christmas Eve, but I’ll let Dave explain it. Thank you for listening. God bless all. 



’MY PEOPLE’ Really? Surely she is speaking of Detroit right? This almost sounds like a ‘THREAT’ so is she representing ‘MY PEOPLE’ in PALESTINE?

LINK to SIGN PETITION to remove Rep Tlaib 

Due to Rashida Tlaib actions and profanity, she is unfit to be a congresswoman. Her rude display and lack of respect for our sitting President was uncalled for. Her immediate removal from her seat is just and warranted. Do to her hatred towards our president, I feel she is a national security threat. [The tweet above with a suggested threat  to Americans is also grounds for removal] 

Dearborn City Council Forces Christian Schoolkids To Sing Muslamic Hymns

Saturday’s annual “holiday pageant” at the City Council building in Dearborn, Michigan has Christian parents terrified. Parents who dropped their kid off at “closed set rehearsals” all month were shocked to learn that the reason they couldn’t attend was that the pageant would not include any Christmas music. Instead, it was “100 percent Muslamic hymns,” according to parents whose kids were in the show.

A total of 23 parents — that’s 61.4 percent of kids who were supposed to be in the show — have been forced to furiously pull their precious young ones out of the pageant after learning that it was just a stunt to push the Muslamic faith on them.  

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