Rescue Michigan: Election Reform Update 4/18/21

This is a must listen!  It addresses election reform for Michigan.  The only way we’ll be able to restore our REPUBLIC of the people, by the people, for the people is to take ACTION & do our CIVIC DUTY that we’ve been missing in action.  We have this corruption because WE, the good people did nothing so corruption flourished.  If we do not turn our state around we’ll be as enslaved by tyranny as what is taking place currently in Canada!  Our state is one of the most tyrannized in our country and the oppression is great.  It is seen daily by all the masks on people outside and the fact parents willingly make their young children wear them when they have been proven to be ineffective and can damage their health (bacterial lung infections etc).  We have 1-4 county governments via fraud, intimidation, and lies dominatint and dictating to all the rest of we Michiganders, and this must stop!  

RESCUE MICHIGAN now before there is no recourse but utilizing our Second Amendment right and the reason it exists. 

Mel K & Rob Really: Remind We The People To Follow The Money & See The Lies

Mel & Rob discuss recent news on the pervasiveness of the New World Order, CCP and Cabal’s fascistic agenda in plain sight. We see it everywhere and We The People Do Not Consent. We dont need them, they need us. Trust your heart and your common sense. Fear is the mind killer. We do not need to take back our freedoms if we dont give them away. #GodWins

[My note: JESUS already won]

Mich. Voter Rolls Being Reexamined, Thousands Of Names To Be Removed

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 7:55 PM PT – Saturday, February 6, 2021

The group ‘Honest Elections Project’ reported that Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced that she intends to remove almost 200,000 names from the registered voter list. One America’s Jack Posobiec has more. Watch short news video on OAN HERE


Michigan House Committee – Election Fraud Witnesses & Rudy Giuliani

This was the most disgusting presentation of our legislatures and how they treated Michiganders! Detroit Rep. Cynthia A Johnson was arrogant, disruptive, intimidating speakers, and had no substantive questions, but instead demeaned and smeared. Others were also confrontational but not as much as she was. Rep. Darrin Camilleri made an outrageous defamatory rhetorical question at end of long question meant to smear Rudy Giuliani.  These two democrats are an embarrassment to their party as most do and do a great disservice to their constituents.  Rep. Camilleri should be sued! 

Here is a shortened link starting at minute mark when Rep Camilleri began talking & Rep Cynthia Johnson follows him: CIRCUS FINALITY


HOUSE CHAIRMAN MATT HALL’S CLOSING STATEMENT below my note: This final statement clearly shows these Michiganders were being patronized. Matt continuously used the word ‘story’ over and over when referring to the witnesses and Rudy Giuiliani, which suggests fiction and unimportant, but when he refers to clerks ‘testimony’ which suggests importance and truth. Word-craft political correctness is used to manipulate thought and opinion, in plain words, mind-control for behavior modification.  Another word used is ‘bullying’ instead of the more serious criminal action as threatening the two delegates who refused to certify fraud until they were threatened, smeared, berated, et al, then they relented under agreement an audit would be done, it was not.  I watched all but the first couple of hours of the hearing but will be going back to catch them.  This is absolutely disgusting what was on display by REPRESENTATIVES for WE the PEOPLE, it is clear they serve a higher paymaster than We the People.  It is our responsibility to clean our own tentacle of the sewer-fed swamp polluting our great state and country. Michigan has had corrupt rigged elections for decades! Most elections there isn’t even an opposing candidate for a choice, incumbent wins by default.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is what’s been taking place in FOUR COUNTIES exponentially 

Michigan State Senate Committee Hearing: Election Fraud Evidence

Live now, when it is finished today, the recording should still be viewable.  If you’ve not watching these election fraud hearings you’re really missing out on truths and evidence being spoken by those who have signed ‘Affidavits’ to what they witnessed.  An affidavit is the same as taking an oath of office.

President Trump Campaign Legal Team Press Conference

EXPLOSIVE!!  You will not hear this information on mainstream media.  Even though there is numerous affidavits attesting to fraud, and physical evidence on servers obtained from Germany, as well as other evident, the media and democrats are still denying their is voter fraud, why?  Because they’re the perpetrators of this fraud.  Michigan, mainly Wayne County (Detroit) is strongly mentioned in this press conference.  Two electors who rescinded their certification only gave it due to threats and persecution.  I heard the video but have not been able to obtain a copy to post, but if and when I do, I will post it.

John Michael Chambers: Making Sense of The Madness – Victories


This shortened version, of the full version below it, covers the tyrannical governors in the states and what is being done about it.

We the people, at various levels, are collectively and individually working to  restore our Republic of, by, and for We the People. The bottom portion is about 20 mins and it does mention Michigan.

Full show worth the time to watch the the whole 1.5 hours, must information provided about the pandemic fraud, not the virus, but the fraud surrounding it.