You Raised Me Up! Enjoy!

Our Creator didn’t give us a ‘spirit’ of fear, his adversary the devil, gives us that fear by sorcery, deception, lies, & false flags.  False flags are used to manipulate wars, laws, policy, treaty, and populations, people may or may not die, the details are always slanted in the direction they want for the most control.

This encouraging up-lifting hymn is a reminder where our strength comes from and in todays uncertainty we need our faith strengthened to endure and drive back the evil that is consuming our land!  Be encouraged and know our Savior, has already WON, we just need to follow after him as he leads us to victory! Put on his full armor as we go into battle against this beast system being exposed day by day!  We must take action in our own communities to drain our local swamps by enacting our Declaration of Independence once more and restore our Constitution and mainly our Bill of Rights! 

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