HydroxyChloroquine Treatment Effective for COVID-19

Truth is not going to be told by those who are in-line to profit from this orchestrated panicdemic or their mouthpiece MSM. There is a ‘cure’ not just a treatment if this prescribed protocol is given within the first 3 days before ‘respiratory’ issues result. It is an inexpensive treatment that would void the need for a ‘vaccine’ that generates billions for several industries including investment markets. 

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Rudy Giuliani Common Sense EP.2: Bombshell Documents

This is exposure of what has been taking place in Ukraine by corrupt DC politicians. Rudy lays it all out and has all the documents to verify what he is exposing.  I will be posting all his episodes here but I strongly suggest you subscribe to his channel because he is presenting the case against Biden, Congress, and it all leads to President Obama as well. You’ll be shocked and disgusted to what these traitors have done and have been doing for decades because it didn’t just begin with the previous administration but was escalated exponentially during the previous administration. 


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