President Trump Alerted Eight World Leaders

Dr. Dave Janda from the Republic of Ann Arbor, Michigan and is very well connected has this report that eight world leaders from around the world we’re going to be assassainted  simutaeously. President Trump was given this information and acted immediately when he received the information Christmas Eve, but I’ll let Dave explain it. Thank you for listening. God bless all. 


Sean Hannity – Monologue on Release of Second Memo

Sean Hannity opening Monologue after Release of Second Memo a few days ago. I tried to share this on Twitter and it was shadowed.

What that means is that it can barely be seen and I will not be able to tweet anything until I delete it.  So, I will delete it but there are many ways to ‘skin a cat’ tricky but not impossible!

Manistique Paper Mill Possibly Closing

MANISTIQUE — Manistique Papers maybe closing for good next week.

UPDATE:  It is closing

According to a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, there was a meeting at the mill Monday discussing possibly shutting down the mill. The mill could be closed as early as Tuesday next week. In the meeting workers were told that the mill would run through its waste paper and start cleaning up.The mill was bought by Watermill Group of Lexington, Massachusetts back in 2012, after the original owners went bankrupt.  The mill is currently up for sale according to our source.  We will continue to look into the situation and will provide you with more information has it happens.  Source LINK