Doctor Christiane Northrup | What’s In the COVID-19 Shots?

Very important information given by Dr. Northrup.  Research truth, facts, and real science.  So many people are taking this experimental mRNA (DNA altering) injection with BLIND faith not even knowing what is in this injection or long-term effects.  Doctors who are speaking out are black-balled, shunned, and fired from conglomerate practices &/or hospitals.  They’re not the ones making BILLIONS from this global fraud perpetrated on the people for profit, control, power, and depopulation.  It is a global eugenics experiment.  This is NOT a traditional vaccine it is an nano operating system.  Research please, but do not use censored google search engine to research.  Use duckduckgo or startpage.

SGT Report: Interview with DR. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP

Dr. Northrup is highly respected.  I studied her work when I was studying for my doctorate in naturopathy. Listen carefully to what she says because it is anchored in truth and fact based on real science not ‘bought white papers through grants’ by Big Pharma!  Education is key for freedom, liberty, health, and pursuance of happiness.


Mom Scorches the Virginia Beach School Board over Masks!

About 2 mins in is when the school board portion starts.  This is what all parents in all states need to do.  Remove board members who are following the corporate dictates instead of doing what is best for your children.  It is proven science that wearing masks is unhealthy!  It reduces oxygen level and puts expelled bacteria back into the lungs.  No child should be put in masks, it is not healthy for them mentally, emotionally, or physically.  Parents come together and protect your children.  if you want to protect their health reduce or eliminate SUGAR, PROCESSED FOOD, ADDITIVES, DYES, GMO, FLUORIDE, etc. from their diet!



It’s past time for We Michiganders to elect integrity, principles, & values, who speaks truth to lead our state.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome, and continuing to support the ‘two party tyranny’ is insane.  We cannot allow BIG MONEY to continue to install THEIR GLOBAL COMMUNIST PUPPETS bent on destroying our REPUBLIC of the people, by the people, and for the people.  By now everyone should be awake to the communist tyrannical rule that has taken in Michigan by the Governor, AG, & SOS with the aide of HHS.  We must financially get behind OUR CANDIDATE to elect a governor who will serve God first because that is the only way we’ll get a leader who will serve the people.  This is not an endorsement (yet) because I’ve not heard his full plan, what I’m suggesting is he could very well be the solution, but also to look outside the GOP & RNC candidates THEY give us to choose from, we must find our own candidates!