FCC, Internet, Road and School Tax


[email I received today, February 13, 2014]

The F.C.C. wants to make the internet a utility and  make better service  but the real reason is reveneue generating and the people paying the bill will not realise any return.

To the editor

I’m requesting you to do any and every thing you can to get the F.C.C. OUT OF THE INTERNET!!
The F.C.C. is proposing to make the internet a utility. If this happens it will only be another cost on the people that they cannot afford at this time and will not improve the internet service.
The F.C.C. can’t even get good programs on the regular t.v. how could they ever hope to control the internet??
It would be a tax savings if the F.C.C. WAS DISSOLVED AND REPLACED WITH NOTHING!

The May 5 2015 proposed Michigan road and school tax needs to be voted down also.
We have been paying to have the roads fixed back before John Engler was governor that was how he got the nickname of “Pot Hole John Engler.”  They have the money; they put it in some other fund or program.
The schools need no more money til they start teaching the kids something. The public schools should be dissolved also and parents will have to get more involved.
The politicians will cry all kinds of propaganda to get your money and you get nothing.
It is obvious we were charged $1.50 to $2.00 too much for gasoline and where did this money and the extra sales tax  go?????
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submitted by ~Gray Beard