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Land Patent Audio (not sure who the speaker is, it was in my files)
" The patent thus authenticated is the formal conveyance,
and continues to be the highest evidence of title

Excerpt from "The Heart of Blackstone or Principles of Common Law" by Nanette B Paul,
Cornell Law Library, pg.104.
Land Patents Garland Texas April 2011 vol 1 of 3
Land Patents Garland Texas April 2011 vol 2 of 3
Land Patents Garland Texas April 2011 vol 3 of 3
Certify Register Reply Page
Property Tax Act

You should always use the registers office at county seat . Never register you titles , there is no law that says you
have to ! Your Land Patent , etc. all will be effective 90 days after you update your l.p. , homestead , grant, or
conveyance . Never notarize , always use Attestation * .Most important 1st step is getting a certified copy of the
original land patent , grant , homestead , or conveyance from GLO/BLM , will send you the address , & etc. There
are different forms that I have wrote for grants,homesteads, & conveyances . Each one of these are a different
letter set [ instrument ] .  Always stay out of the CROOKED LAW [ CORPERATE CONSTITUTION ] , whiter
STATE or FEDERAL ! ! Will send you more rules for proper sequence of actions , which are important to proper
recording . Best regards ; Bob ; O.